Saturday, 20 December 2008

Bristol B Boy/Girl Convention 9 .Footage and Photos

Held @NATIVE,Bristol..14/12/08,hosted by Vertebrae crew

Shouts to Bugz and Gabs for taking the crown,shouts to Dirty Dave and Force for taking a close second place!

thanks to Fresher for the dope highlight film!!!

thanks to Griff for pics


Twisting The Frame compilation..FREE DOWNLOAD


Release date 15/12/08

Twisting The Frame [MZYKN012]

01 Dave Graham - I Have Come To Wound The Autumnal City
02 2econd Class Citizen - For This We'll Find No End ft Reindeer, Honey & Blackbird*
03 Herma Puma - Golden Rod
04 Mr Hood - Tin Foil Hat
05 Remdog - The Painter with the Dead Painter
06 sasQwax - Gone Out Back
07 Awkward - Sayin Nathen ft Douchebaggalo
08 Kondor - Petrol Lips
09 2tall - Another Place
10 WrongTom - Take It Down ft Sarah Wayne
11 File With Interpol - Weed Pharma
12 Ambulance Chasers - One
13 English Bore - Broken Heart Beats
14 Buddy Peace - Septuhseemeeuh

*taken from the forthcoming Daybreak EP by 2econd Class Citizen licensed from Equinox Records

In the making and delayed for over two years, this collection of free thinking progressions and mutations of hip hop is here at last. Compiled by Long Distance Dan via the Ninja Tune forum and various other sources of talent it draws in producers and artists with something different to offer. Twisting The Frame delves into the leftfield, takes you through sounds from multiple subgenres with intrumentals and vocal tracks. It boasts and allstar cast of names that are familiar and some not so, with rising stars like Buddy Peace, WrongTom, 2tall, Remdog, sasQwax, 2econd Class Citizen and a host of other beat making contemporaries. From lo-fi to electronica tinged tracks this is a fresh and free twist of what can be collectively termed hip hop.

For artist info and links please visit the release page at
Released under Creative Commons License 3.0 Unported

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Parliament/Funkadelic 'Cholly (Funk Gettin Ready to Roll)- D.C. 1979'

'you wanna take me?'

Garry Shider shows off his chops as the group plays a great version of Cholly in Landover, MD 1979. Motor Booty Affair Tour

givin' up the funk waitin for the 'p'


Smith & Mighty 'Anyone'

from Vision Factory

'Smith & Mighty, 'Anyone' This early video from The Vision Factory was for the first Smith and Mighty single,' Anyone' released on their own 3Stripe Records label in 1988. Together with The Wild Bunch's version of The Look of Love this tune helped to form the blue print for what became known as the Bristol sound. It acted as a true inspiration to many aspiring DJ/producers both in the city of Bristol and throughout the entire world.'


Why? - A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under (LIVE!)

Knitting Factory presents...

For more Knitting Factory info go to




NOV. 29, 2008


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Little Dragon - Constant Surprises

Constant Surprises Video by Fredrik Egerstrand.

Little Dragon are an amazing genre blurring band from Sweden..get to know before the rest of the world does!


Friday, 12 December 2008

BOMBS AREN'T COOL! Li'l Rodney C & KK Rockwell 1986

Li'l Rodney C and KK Rockwell aka Double Trouble (as seen in "Wildstyle"), in a rare video produced to be shown in schools. Directed by Joan Jubela and produced by Stan Davis in 1986.


Henry Chalfant's All City (1983) (1/3)

This was experimental documentary about the early days of the Hip-Hop movement in the South Bronx. This documentary by Henry Chalfant who also cocreated Style Wars.


Jel from anticon. gets busy

'Jel banging out beats on his mpc at home.'

anticon. and Subtle's beat machine Jel gets fresh,esp in the second half.
This has been a while but if you've not seen it and like this sort of thing,CHECK IT OUT!


Holy Fuck - Milkshake

here is some music by the above mentioned band.


Malakai TV: Apathe News

It's the 1st National Breakdance Championship. Will B-Boy Mr Mackenzie's Bristol crew take down The Crafty Beggars School from Cheshire? Apathe News give you the low down.

For more details on the band go to:


Tuesday, 9 December 2008


This happened last year..anticipation for the new lp is for the return of Dose One and Jel in 09!


Children Of The Can Paint Jam highlights,Bristol docks,Dec.2008

Paint jam to celebrate the book launch for Children of the can - 25 years of Bristol Graffiti By Felix "FLX" Braun.

Thanks to Bristol 84 on flicr for pics













Lil John vs. Reveal @ Small Time Crook

2 B Boy legends..Oct 08.

btw..this is not the rapper Lil John!


DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince featuring Ready Rock C- live

This footage is from a show back in 1988.Watch out for the KRS ONE intro... Video recorded from Video Music Box.


Circus Runaways vs KHCA

law-josh vs bert-mike

the kings of abtract B Boying...


TOO SHORT & DJ QBERT "Don't Stop, It Goes Down For Real!"

Q Bert cutting it up,Nov 2008


Monday, 1 December 2008

Children Of The Can book launch,thurs 4th dec

7pm.December the 4th
@ Arnolfini,Narrow Quay,Harbourside,Bristol

djs:Awkward,Ben One,James B



Crunc Tesla And The Fearless Vampire Killers Arc...Awkward Remix


http://itunes. apple. com/WebObjects/MZStore. woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=295464487&s=143441



Monday, 24 November 2008

Casper vs. Menno at Claws Out 3

from Claws Out 3 in Nov.

2 of the best b boys right now!


VAUDEVILLE GODKILL - The Incredible Torture Show

Better to Watch In High Quality.

shouts to Lurk music...heres some info

The Incredible Torture Show Comprises of Welsh DJ, producer and Grindhouse masher extraordinaire - Trailer Trasher who uses incidental B-movie horror music and video to produce some dope but disturbing Hip-hop beats. And two well respected LA emcees- Matt Gamin, whose effortless yet effectual flow provides a sandpaper smooth vessel for his twisted lyricals, coming off a bit like MF Doom’s evil cousin - and Roughneck Jihad from Third Sight (alongside D Styles) who has worked with the likes of Kool Keith and has a flow and style I can only describe as the Hip-hop manifestation of Superfluidity.


Sunday, 9 November 2008

Awkward vs Beastie Boys


Produced over a year and a half for fun.

All beats by Awkward.

hope you enjoy.

video from the lp:


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Knights Of The Turntables

knights of the turntables on monday night fresh from carson ca. 1986 featuring 3 times fresh.


Babe Ruth play 'The Mexican' live in Canada 1974!

a B-Boy anthem.


Freestyle Fellowship vs Wu Tang Clan pt. 1 audio

recorded on the Wake Up Show,mid 90's.

a classic clash.


El Nino's New Hurricane DVD trailer

El Nino from Floorlords crew...features footage of El Nino dancing since 7 years old!


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

GrandPrize(Awkward)-Serious Sentences w/Snagneto,Co-Mo,Stepchild video

from the forthcomming l.p. 'Not In The Same Room'

featuring Joselph,Awol One,Snagneto,Tree Dusk Muir,Douchebaggalo,Coherent Motion and more....


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Motion Disorder VS B-Boy World 2008


Open Mike Eagle 'Brain Disease'

Open Eagle Mike: Swim team's point man ,leads us on an insightful journey into his mind of ideas.

find him here...


Monday, 20 October 2008

Children Of The Can...update!


Children Of The Can: 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti documents the Bristol graffiti story from the early days of 3D’s New York-inspired work and John Nation's grass roots influence at the Barton Hill Youth Club to the current crop of artists who have helped to make Bristol’s graffiti scene one of the UK's most influential and diverse. Children Of The Can features the work of all the city's best-known and (until now) slept-on talent, including:

2Keen, 3D, Awkward, Banksy, Cheo, China Mike, Filthy Luker, Haka, Inkie, Jeff Row, Jody, Just Another Crew, Kato, KTF, Lokey, Mr.Jago, Mudwig, Nick Walker, Rowdy, Shimz, Sickboy, Soker, Souls On Fire, TNP, TUB, Turoe, Twentieth Century Frescoes, What Collective, Will Barras, The Z-Boys and many more…


GRANDGOOD Audiocast 38 Feat. New Music From Jean Grae, Dave Dub, Squarepusher, Diamond D, Bambu and others

October 11, 2008

Please go out and support your favorite artists and they will support you. Participation is critical. Thank goodness for contemporary rap.

GRANDGOOD Audiocast 38

Jean Grae w/ Chen Lo - Threats (prod. by Blue Sky Black Death)
Bambu - Like Us ( Cza)
Dj Babu Feat. Bishop Lamont - my opinion
Coherent Motion - Crisis (prod. by NOAIRE)
Crooklyn Dodgers (sole remix)
Dave Dub (prod. by the Dopefiend Beatnigs) - “I killed satan, I’m running from the law”
Squarepusher - Delta V
Tommy Gun (megalon) - Burn It Down (prod. by ray long)
Diamond D - Bad/Good
soup kitchen in Clearwater, FL
Black & Brown Project (Self Scientific&Sick Jacken) - Together As One (Niggaz & Mexicans)
Bambu - Crooks and Rooks (prod by Nick James)
Dave Dub w/ Severe - Young Hustlers (prod. by JTheSarge)

major shouts to the crew at


Ben One 'The Freeage ep'


four tracks with a few guests for free..easy..

1..Fifty fifty featuring Awkward,Spye,dj Para
2..Stones Sleepers And Signals
3..Decompartmentalise featuring Cello
4..Broken Art


Buck 65-Bike For Three/Dirtbike

Live in Bristol:

from the 'Bike For Three' lp..coming out on Anticon,2009?

Here’s the link to download an ‘authorized leak’ of the new Buck 65 album Dirtbike. This is the first in a series of three, with the rest coming soon. The album is put together like Buck 65 albums of old, flowing as a continuous track, and features a few guests including collaborations with Buddy Peace, Moka Only, and Doseone. This album is dope! He even covers “Enter Governor Bolts” on here.

Buck 65 - Dirtbike (1/3)

Buck 65 - Dirtbike (2/3)


Saturday, 18 October 2008

Vaughn Bode

Vaughn Bode in 1974 speaking about how he creates his characters. The film was starting to disintegrate so the sound and video gets a spooky echo and starts to fade.


Flys are funny,are they not?



Stepchild and Rogue 'Blast Off' Live

Live performance at the 1st BBC(Bristol Bboy/girl Convention) November 2005


Bristol/Swindon B-Boys: Joey D, Dana, Banxy & Wilkie @ the Outlet.

Shouts to P.R.S.,Physical Jerks,ScareCrows,Royal Fam


Grandprize(w/Awkward+Douchebaggalo) 'Saying Nathen'

From the upcoming ‘Not In The Same Room’ feat. Snagneto, Joselph (Swim Team), Rheteric, Awol One,Stepchild, Crunc Tesla and K-Swift,Coherent Motion, Douchebaggalo, Gajah(Acid Reign) and others. Produced by Awkward.


Matt Machine 'Listen to The Radio'

music and video by Matt Machine 2008


P.E.A.C.E. & Rifleman Ellay Khule - Freestyle...98!

P.E.A.C.E. (Freestyle Fellowship) + Ellay Khule the Rifleman (HipHopKclan) - Freestyle (1998)


New B-Boy action

KILLAFORNIA VS NATURAL METRICK U.S. qualifiers for U.K. Champs 2008

UK Champs 2008 - T.I.P vs Top9...Final!


NoCanDo vs. Dizaster

part one

part 2

The Pit's Best On The West Tournament final battle, NoCanDo vs. Dizaster (Part 2). Sponsored by

This is a Heavyweight titan clash!

shouts to Nocando


Friday, 17 October 2008

DJ Cash Money, Bristol 1997(not 95)

DJ Cashmoney rips it up in bristol,97

NoCanDo vs Av (1/08)

Battle: NoCando (CustomerService/Project Blowed) vs AV (Krack City) at Rehab in January 2008.

Nocando serves


"This is BETTER than being rich..." --Sting

"I love it, it's like He-Man meets Shakespeare..." -Don Coscarelli

"I never knew the world's strongest Governor could be so funny..." -Larry King


Sipho & Bionic M.C. - Live in Dublin '86

Sipho & Bionic in Dublin. june 86.

rarely seen footage of Sipho & Bionic of the legendary London Posse.
recorded June 1986 - Dublin, Ireland.

Sipho Josanna 1971 - 2004.
rock on.

myspace links :

Sipho Da Human Beatbox (R.I.P)

Bionic M.C.

Rodney P.

D.J. Biznizz.

London Posse.

Proper Bristol Hip Hop (the movie)Clips

Excerpt from the Proper Bristol Hip Hop movie - memories of the mid-90's BHGM nights....

Stepchild on Bristol, plus live footage of the man himself, DJ Rogue & the Physical Jerks crew in action...

this clip features the Barton Hill Youth Centres 'Aerosol Art Project'

the Hairy Parents crew (Undivided Attention at the time) do Fresh 97

Rammellzee, Toxic C1, and Basquiat @ the Rhythm Lounge 1983

A collaboration with Jean Michel Basquiat and Ramellzee,
shot at the rhythm lounge in hollywood in 1983.

The truth behind hiphop.


3rd World 3D - Os Crunc Tesla Vampirekiller Arc

This Video is from the debut album of the #1 US Grime group Os Crunc Tesla Fearless Vampirekiller Arc. Filmed in the " First World" country of Belgium and the " Third World " country of Brazil, Crunc shows us the vast difference between Sao Paulo and Bruxelles. He travels through a Time-Space machine called the Atomium to view and interact with these cultures. The full length entitled "What's Really Rad? the Gray Plague" is now infesting the globe released by Ekler'o'shock and Luv Technologies in the spring of 2008.

Vocals and Production by Raedawn.

Directed by Warhologram.

Look out for the Dvd Soon.

'where's the party to?' trailer

A 90 second version of a new documentary about the Bristol club and music scenes.

Zeitgeist: Addendum, by Peter Joseph 2008

EXTRA; Alex Jones verbally bullies and tries to discredit Peter Joseph while walking away with egg on his face...fascinating listening:

Crunc Tesla And The Fearless Vampire Killers 'Firewalk With Us' Awkward remix

This is the video for the #1 hit single by Os Crunc Tesla & the Fearless Vampire Killer Arcestra featuring New York's freshest rising talent K-Swift, Seraphim and dj Raedawn. This is the Awkward Remix (Bristol,Uk). This group has officially become the #1 US Grime crew gaining more velocity every second. Look for the remix ep to drop this spring as well as the sequel to this saga "Firewalk with WE".

Directed by Warhologram

Freestyle Fellowship

Legendary status...this is 90/91?