Monday, 24 November 2008

Casper vs. Menno at Claws Out 3

from Claws Out 3 in Nov.

2 of the best b boys right now!


VAUDEVILLE GODKILL - The Incredible Torture Show

Better to Watch In High Quality.

shouts to Lurk music...heres some info

The Incredible Torture Show Comprises of Welsh DJ, producer and Grindhouse masher extraordinaire - Trailer Trasher who uses incidental B-movie horror music and video to produce some dope but disturbing Hip-hop beats. And two well respected LA emcees- Matt Gamin, whose effortless yet effectual flow provides a sandpaper smooth vessel for his twisted lyricals, coming off a bit like MF Doom’s evil cousin - and Roughneck Jihad from Third Sight (alongside D Styles) who has worked with the likes of Kool Keith and has a flow and style I can only describe as the Hip-hop manifestation of Superfluidity.


Sunday, 9 November 2008

Awkward vs Beastie Boys


Produced over a year and a half for fun.

All beats by Awkward.

hope you enjoy.

video from the lp:


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Knights Of The Turntables

knights of the turntables on monday night fresh from carson ca. 1986 featuring 3 times fresh.


Babe Ruth play 'The Mexican' live in Canada 1974!

a B-Boy anthem.


Freestyle Fellowship vs Wu Tang Clan pt. 1 audio

recorded on the Wake Up Show,mid 90's.

a classic clash.


El Nino's New Hurricane DVD trailer

El Nino from Floorlords crew...features footage of El Nino dancing since 7 years old!


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

GrandPrize(Awkward)-Serious Sentences w/Snagneto,Co-Mo,Stepchild video

from the forthcomming l.p. 'Not In The Same Room'

featuring Joselph,Awol One,Snagneto,Tree Dusk Muir,Douchebaggalo,Coherent Motion and more....