Thursday, 3 December 2009

George Clinton - Pumpin' it up 1984

The P-Funk Allstars Houston Texas 4-1-1984.
Feat. Eddie Hazel R.I.P., Ray Davis R.I.P.,Garry Shider, Ron Ford, Skeet Curtis, P-Nut, Maceo Parker, Clip Payne, Lige Curry, Greg Thomas, Bennie Cowan, Greg Boyer, Michael Hampton, Blackbyrd McKnight, Boogie Mosson, Jerome Rogers, Bernie Worrell and Dennis Chambers.


Freestyle Fellowship / A-Team: Me & My Main 1997

Freestyle Fellowship /The A-Team (Aceyalone & Abstract Rude): Me & My Main Live @ Midnight Sun
San Gabriel Mountains, CA 1998
(VHS Dub from Brandon)

more great footage from dstzero


3PM - Better Late Than Never

Classic uk hip hop from Bristol..beaming directly from 1993 to now!


Rheteric Ramirez calls out Tiger Ty for BOLA 3 Dear Diary Animation snippet promo

Animated,illustrated and edited by SERP DOT.
Rheteric Ramirez gives a shot at Motivational Speaking and calls out Tiger Ty for BOLA 3 .
DEAR DIARY promo video ...Animation video..
Rheteric gets drunk and SINGS! The Glow by Willie Hutch from the movie The Last Dragon to inspire fear in Tiger Tye before his upcomming Grindtime battle this New Years Eve.
Rheteric viciously promotes himself shamelessly inspiring pain in everybody !

Dear Diary produced by Awkward